Patriots: Bill Belichick Strikes Again With Cam 牛顿 Contract Details

The Cam 牛顿 contract details are out, and 的y’为爱国者队抢断。 Bill Belichick再次拥有NFL。



是的,有了所有的激励措施, Cam 牛顿 can max out 他在新英格兰的整个赛季的薪水为750万美元。但是那里’这是所有 news about 牛顿’s deal 叫它“incentive-laden,” because…该死的,有很多诱因。

Yes, 的 guarantee here is a little more than half a million bucks, a sum total that I, as an 美国橄榄球联盟 GM, would be willing to pay just about anyone, let alone Cam 牛顿.

当然,他’可能会满足每场比赛的名册奖金,因为即使在世界上 Jarrett Stidham所在的地方两场季前赛 of a lifetime, 牛顿 will likely make it through 的 full season on 的 Pats’活动花名册。如果他也有我们期望他回归的一年,那么其他奖励措施也将得到满足。

但是看官方的故障…it’s clear 牛顿 was simply looking for a chance. It’在这一点上,他也做了很好的报道’不会收到爱国者队以外任何团队的正式报价。新英格兰知道他们有机会以超低的价格进行交易,而且他们看起来很有优势。

牛顿, meanwhile, has already been spotted trying to create a rapport with Mohamed Sanu, his former NFC南 rival, just a few hours after 的 announcement of 的 contract. Clearly, he’积极帮助提升四面楚歌的队友。


牛顿’在球场上的比赛肯定比他赚的钱多’s currently guaranteed. But Bill Belichick cornered a target, watched 的 rest of 的 美国橄榄球联盟 dissipate as job opportunities were filled over 的 course of many months, and struck at 的 very last moment to add 牛顿 on an extreme bargain.